A Healthy and Active Australia: Healthy Active

The Government of Australia is committed to found a completely healthy and active nation by eradicating obesity and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all.

Coming into action, the Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Government has taken the first step by launching Get Moving campaign; the department is taking effective preventive measures to help improve the health of all its citizens. Detailed account of the campaign is available on the official website of Healthy Active.

The Health Campaign

The health campaign of  includes tips and ideas for children and their parents. The ultimate purpose of the mission is to encourage children and students to develop healthy eating habits along with physical activities in schools.

The National Obesity Taskforce was formed that prepared report and action agenda for youngsters and their families and submitted to the Health Ministry. Presently, the Australian government has designed some programs to help Australians stay in supreme health.

This includes initiatives such as:

  • The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program
  • Get set 4 Life – Habits for Healthy Kids
  • Healthy Spaces and Places
  • Healthy Weight information and resources
  • Learning from Successful Community Obesity Initiative
  • How do you measure up?