Heath benefits of Walking

benefits-of-walking-1Walking has been traditionally known to offer a lot of health benefits, and therefore, advised by health experts to everyone. Not only this form of physical exercise/aerobic activity helps you in remaining fit, but also makes elevates your mood.

Some of the benefits of walking are as follows:

1. Reduced Chances of Diabetes

Regular walkers are known to maintain better body mass index (BMI). With an increase in movement of body muscles as a result of muscle movement glucose present in the body gets used up thus lowering down the risk of imbalance in the blood sugar levels.

2. Healthy Heart

Walking can help in keeping cholesterol level under check. A regular walker possesses comparatively stronger muscles and better blood flow in the arteries than others. A person covering average distance of a mile in a day can burn around 200 to 400 calories on an average.

3. Stronger Bones

People who walk daily have more bone density. There are comparatively less cases of bone loss in such people. Even knees, legs and spine of a regular walker are much more sturdy than otherwise.

4. Reduction in Risk of Cancer

A brisk walk doesn’t allow carcinogens, which are actually present in the food to come in contact with the intestinal lining. This cuts down any outside chance of contacting colon cancer.

However, people suffering from joint pains and various kinds of arthritis should always consult a doctor before undertaking walking exercise.