Mid-Wife Led Births More Successful: Study

As per the latest research published by Cochrane Library, employing a mid-wife ensures that a lady will encounter fewer problems during childbirth. The study also states that mid-wives help significantly in reducing the need of forceps & epidurals and can make birth process much less troublesome than otherwise.

Experts studied the data based on 13 landmark studies conducted on 16,242 women from various countries including Australia, England, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

Births More Successful

The research stated clearly that care from mid-wives is often found to be more beneficial than what the GP’s offer to their patients. The chances of premature delivery also reduced notably in the cases where couples employed a mid-wife.

Although, records justifying the importance of mid-wives in the childbirth process were available in plenty, the latest research only confirms the previous conclusions.

Interestingly, this research also found out that with the employment of mid-wives the probability of using an epidural reduces by as much as 13%. Also, pregnant women are 16% less likely to need an episiotomy; the requirement of forceps reduces by 12%.

The other important point worth mention that was made in the study was that the rate of premature births reduced drastically and more women delivered naturally, although, labor hours exceed by at least 30 minutes on an average.

The experts were articulate in maintaining that mid-wife led post natal care was no way less favorable that medical-care. They also observed that the cases where mid-wife was involved during the pregnancy, there were lesser risk of losing a baby before 24 week gestation period.  In fact, both the mother and baby experience several medical benefits if they receive care from mid-wife pre and post pregnancy periods.

A pregnant lady overseen by a mid-wife during her pregnancy receives better care during the labor hours for the bond that develops between the two over time. Therefore, this increases chances of spontaneous vaginal birth. The study also maintained that there was not any significant deviation in the number of caesarian births in such cases.

However, experts mention that cases with high-risk pregnancies should always be handled by specialists and it’s the job of the mid-wife to advise them on the issue. It’s always recommended to take possible complications very seriously.

The report also indicated that women can benefit more from the mid-wife led community service care models. But, those with chances of high risk pregnancy should always be careful.

The research is imperative in confirming that mid-wife led maternity care model, one that is adequately supported by multi-professional referral mechanism is actually something that should be embraced by one and all. This study rightly points to the quality of benefits that women and their babies can receive if mid-wife led care models are adopted more openly in the society.

It’s no secret that the outcomes of pregnancy are appreciably influenced by the kind of care a woman receives during her pregnancy days. Therefore, it’s better to welcome the model so that childbirth becomes less complicated and tiresome for our women.