Play your way to good health

0e0a1033068f2fba2391028ce7650f59Experts claim that introduction of playful activities in the lives of people growing old can help reduce chances of deterioration of their health.

For this reason, getting a person to recognize the importance of play can help them in living a healthier life.

Apart from making your muscles more active and sturdy, playful activities help in cheering up your mood and letting you enjoy a happier life. There is nothing more refreshing than some play every day.

Even someone who is living dormant for many years can be cheered up through various kinds of joyful activities.

You can accompany these activities with music and play, and interaction with others. Organizing group activities is a good way of cheering people up when they are low.

There are numerous instances where patients lying on the bed suffering from injury of the spinal cord, brain stem and limbic system problems recovered surprisingly soon as they were introduced to music therapy. They felt energetic being part of playful activities and as a result wanted to stand on their feet earlier than their counterparts, whose life was dull and boring.