Tips for Healthy Sleep


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A healthy mind and body are derivatives of healthy sleep. Sleeplessness can affect your performance at work, make you feel irritated through the day and bring down your overall efficiency.


A goodnight sleep is imperative for healthy living. Bad eating habits, exertion, stress and a number of other reasons could be cause for sleepless nights. Here are tips to help you ward off such symptoms and have a healthy sleep:

Check your afternoon beverages

It is advised not to have caffeine drinks right before sleeping, but it’s also true that if your afternoon drinks are high on caffeine they will hamper your chances of a goodnight sleep by infusing endless energy.

Sleep foods

Avoid heavy meals before sleeping, but include snooze-friendly foods that contain proteins, amino acids and tryptophan. Cottage cheese, bananas, yogurt are some of these foods.

Have your wine early in the evening

Anything with alcohol might seem to induce sleep, but it is most likely to disrupt the second half of your sleep and prevent deep slumber. This is why you should have your wine or other alcoholic beverages early during the evening.

Take an early bath

A hot water bath is comforting before sleep, but anything that raises body temperature is likely to cause sleeplessness. Your body needs to be cold in order to fall asleep.