Tips to maintain Bone Health

A bone health issue can eventually turn into severe joint inflexibility and bone fractures. Although most women know they are likely to suffer from joint-related ailments including arthritis and osteoporosis sooner or later, they are often careless and take little or no precautions.

Here’s how you can take a very good care of your bones and eliminate the possibility of numerous bone health related problems from haunting you in near future:


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Routine Exercise

Make regular exercise a part of your daily life. You can start by taking a walk in the morning. Spend at least half an hour doing a variety of exercises. Try activities like swimming, playing badminton and light weight training. This will keep your joints active and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related issues.

A Balanced Diet

Introduce healthier foods in your daily diet. Since calcium is really good for your bones, give preference to a calcium-based diet. But, this doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid other essential nutrients such as vitamin and protein. All in all, you need everything a healthy body demands. Consume all types of vegetables and fruits (as and when possible).

Weight Maintenance

Remember that your body weight needs to be ideal so that your bones can stay healthy.

Lose weight if you are obese and gain some weight if you’re underweight.

But, make sure you don’t eat unhealthy stuff to gain mass or shed those extra pounds!

Healthy Habits

You know, bad habits have a lot to do with bone health. If you are habitual of alcohol, smoking and fast food, you need to bring about some changes in your lifestyle; sooner the better. Spend more time in the sun and find some healthy ways to keep yourself entertained.